Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Health Project by Football Clubs Improve Men’s Health

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today's article.

1. fitness (adj.)
[fit-nis] – refers to the state of good physical condition
Example: She enrolled in the gym’s one-year fitness program.

2. lifestyle (n.) [lahyf-stahyl] – a way of living that includes attitudes and habits
Example: He finds it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle because he is too busy with work.

3. obese (adj.) [oh-bees] – having more weight than the normal; very fat
Example: He became obese because he always eats fatty foods and does not exercise.

4. consult (v.) [kuh n-suhlt; kon-suhlt] – to ask for advice or information
Example: He consulted a lawyer regarding his rights to the property.

5. convey (v.) [kuh n-vey] – to communicate; to make known to someone
Example: The spokesperson conveyed the president’s message to the people.

Read the text below.

A study in Britain shows that health and fitness programs launched by the UK’s Premier League football clubs are helping improve men’s health.

According to Dave Horsfield from Liverpool Primary Care Trust (PCT), men generally have unhealthy lifestyles and die earlier than women. Men also usually do not want to consult doctors because they fear bad news. As a result, their diseases get worse and they later need expensive medical care. Public health treatment for obesity and alcohol-related illnesses has already cost the UK government billions of pounds.

Hoping to change the lifestyles of at least 10,000 men, Premier League football clubs started the health programs. The programs offer fun exercise activities and help from health experts. Liverpool Football Club, as one example, started a weekly men’s cycling group as part of the project.

Researchers observed around 4,000 men who joined the programs, most of whom were initially obese, alcoholic, had poor diet or had little exercise. Within three years since the start of the project, many of the men became healthier.

Seven out of ten men who joined the program made a positive change to their lifestyles. One out of three improved their diet, and two out of five men became more physically active.

Mark Haig from the Liverpool Football Club Foundation said that many men do not think of their health, but they like joining and supporting activities of their favorite football clubs.  Haig said that using the influence of the football club badge, the fitness programs successfully convey health messages to men.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor

Discussion A

·         How can fitness clubs or health group help people to be healthier?
·         Which is better, exercising and dieting by yourself or exercising and dieting along with a group? Why?

Discussion B

·         Do you think a person needs to join a health program to stay healthy nowadays? Why or why not?
·         Is maintaining a healthy lifestyle nowadays expensive? Why or why not?


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