Friday, November 2, 2012

Father Watches Wife’s Delivery to Twins through Skype

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. contractor (n.) – someone who is hired to supply materials or perform work and services at a specified price and time
Example: The company asked a contractor to look for the materials they need to make the product.

2. visa (n.) – a document presented along with a passport to allow entry or travel to a place
Example: He must apply for a visa before he can work abroad.

3. delivery (n.) – the act of giving birth
Example: She expects her delivery to happen two weeks from now.

4. flawless (adj.) – perfect; without problems or errors
Example: She won after giving a flawless piano performance. 

5. feedback (n.) – comments, reactions or opinions about something
Example: The writer was happy with the good feedbacks on her new novel.

Read the text below.

Technology and the Internet have made communication easier than ever, especially between people far away from each other.

Technology definitely made a big impact to Jon Zimbelman, a 31-year old contractor staying in Basrah, Iraq. He was able to watch the birth of his twin children, Braylon and Brielle, who were all the way in Montana, USA. Zimbelman watched their birth with the help of Skype and an iPad.

Zimbelman was not able to go home because of problems with his single-entry visa. He could only come home one time, and he used the one trip to go to his mother’s funeral last July.

His wife, Erin Zimbelman, had to think of another plan so Jon could still be a part of the babies’ birth. Erin was not sure whether using Skype to watch a birth had been done before, but she knew she had to try anyway.

At first, she had problems getting permission from the hospital. Internet connections are not usually allowed in hospital operating rooms. Erin’s doctors, however, agreed to the Skype idea just in time for the delivery. Doctors also allowed Erin’s friend in the room, to hold the iPad while the delivery took place.

Jon, too, was worried about the Internet connection in Iraq, but luckily, the connection was flawless during the whole operation.

Erin says she has received positive feedback from many people about her experience. She hopes more hospitals would allow people to do the same thing.

Zimbelman is hoping to see his babies for the first time later this year if he can go home on the holidays.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

Do you agree that hospitals should allow families to watch deliveries through the Internet? Why or why not?
·         How else can technology prevent people from missing important moments or events in life?

Discussion B

·         Do you believe communicating with people through technology is as good as communicating in person with others? Why or why not?
·         With all the benefits of the Internet, do you think it is already essential in a person’s life?


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