Thursday, November 1, 2012

Man Films One Second Every Day to Remember His Life

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. compile (v.) – to put many things together in one work or area
Example: The journalist interviewed several people and compiled their stories in one book. 

2. clip (n.) – a short piece taken from a film or a longer video recording
Example Clips from the film show a part of its fantastic special effects.

3. reflect (v.) – to think about something very seriously
Example: On New Year’s Eve, many people reflect on what they have done in the past year.

4. regret (n.) – the feeling of being sorry, disappointed or sad about something that happened
Example: His biggest regret was not paying more attention in school.

5. whoops (expr.) – an expression said after one makes a mistake
ExampleWhoops, I spilled coffee on his shirt.

Read the text below.

A year and a half ago, a man named Cesar Kuriyama left his advertising job and decided to start a personal project. The project involved recording videos of his life every day for a year, and compiling one second from each of the daily recordings into a short film.

The completed video, which can be seen online, presents Kuriyama’s life as a 30-year-old. It contains short scenes of Kuriyama doing ordinary activities like checking Facebook or watching TV. The video also shows his travels and even sad moments such as when his sister was sick at a hospital.

Although Kuriyama’s project started as a simple way of recording his one-year vacation, it soon became something much more important to him. Kuriyama realized the one-second clips were helping him remember what happened in his life. He said that by reflecting on these moments, he was able to learn from past mistakes.

Kuriyama says one of his regrets in the past year was not being able to film for two days. In the completed video, the words, “Whoops, I forgot” replaces the two seconds which would have represented two days of his life.

Last March, Kuriyama was invited to speak at a TED conference, where he talked about his project and showed his film titled “1 Second Every Day.”  Kuriyama says he plans to continue the project for the rest of his life.

He is now working on a mobile app that will help other people create similar videos.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

·         Would you be interested in doing a project similar to what Kuriyama did? Why or why not?
·         If you had a video of one second of your life so far this year, what activities do you think the video would show you doing?

Discussion B

·         Are there events in your life that you remember very clearly? Describe one event that you cannot forget.
·         What have you learned from that event or how has your life changed after the event?


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